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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> thousands of fans came out to san jose in support of the young women who competed to represent the united states in this year's olympics. out of 14 gymnasts, only five were chosen. they will fly out to rio this summer. supportive fans were not surprised by the selection. >> not at all. strong usa team. strong team. >> gabby and simone, they're like my people so it's great. >> reporter: others may not fully agree on all of them but are sure that the chosen few dubbed the fierce five have what it takes to bring home the gold. >> it's awesome. the girls are strong. the sport is strong. >> reporter: this is the second consecutive time that san jose hosted the event, drawing tourists from across the nation. >> hosting an event of this
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caliber is special for our community. this only happens once every four years. >> reporter: many in attendance were gymnasts themselves who understand the sacrifice it takes to compete. >> it is nerve racking and i don't know how they did it with all of these people cheering for them. >> you have to give up a lot. you give up a lot of normal kid activities. but the experiences that you get in return definitely make everything worth it. >> reporter: i'm sure it will be all worth it for the five young ladies who are now on their way to brazil come this sum tore compete for the women's gymnastics competition. it will be exciting to see how they do this summer. >> what a performance by baumgarten. a one hit shutout tonight as the giants beat the diamond backs 4-0.
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>> madison baumgarten came close to a no hitter game tonight as the giants took on the arizona diamond backs. it was broken up in the 8th inning. this was a good one to watch. pitch after pitch because the mad bum had 14 strike-outs on the night. he gave up a hit in the 8th. the only one in the game. he finished the game. and, again, giants win 4-0. we will have more in sports. if you were out at the ballpark you were there for the standing ovation given to baumgarten. >> fans were hoping for the no hitter because you don't often see that in the major leagues. >> but after the top of the 8th, people were leaving confident that the giants would still win. >> i was kind of surprised. it would have been my first no hitter for me. we came all the way from toronto. he is one heck of a pitcher.
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>> still a great game for mad bum. came from toronto. you'll have to come back and see one. he is now 10-4 on the season. the giants have the most win in all of baseball. lawrence joins us. boy, it was a beautiful day for baseball. >> it sure was. near perfect game and weather outside, except for the winds. the winds kicking up out there. clear skies though as we look towards san francisco. a lot of folks on 101 headed home. and it is nice and clear all the way to the coastline. that could change in the coming hours. the golden gate bridge looking good. not too many people out on the road. mostly clear conditions. still on the breezy side. tomorrow should be sunny and a bit warmer. the warming trend continues into the end of the week before we cool things down. 61 now in san francisco. still mild in livermore. 67. and 72 in concord.
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as we look out toward tomorrow, you wake up tomorrow morning mostly clear skies. a couple of patches of fog develop along the coastline. lots of sunshine in the valleys. temperatures warming up in the 80s. but as we head to the latter part of the week, 90s popping up. we will have that in a couple minutes. >> thank you so much. for the first time we are hearing from the pastor who led thursday night's rally that shut down 880 in oakland for hours. reverend mcbride was the speaker in oakland today. he says the country is in crisis and there needs to be change. >> reporter: promising to work together. they believe change can happen. >> it gave me continued energy so that we can work together for transformation and for love. >> reporter: reverend mcbride
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addresses the church in oakland. many of them were with him on thursday as they marched on to the 880, blocking traffic for hours. >> people were upset about disruption. i don't think sitting in your house and feeling badly about things and not doing anything will get anything done. sometimes justice is inconvenient. we're willing to disrupt the systems of power that are literal rekilling our people every day. we have to grief and cry and pray every day. we have to do it in public so other people have faith to do it as well. >> reporter: last week philando castile and alton sterling were shot and killed by police within a day of each other that sparked protests across the country and prompted the killing of five dallas police officers by a black man. >> people need to come together because these are tragic events and life-changing in so many way. >> reporter: reverend mcbride believes the most vulnerable people in the society needs support. in addition to the events
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happening across the country, protesters threw red paint on the door of the police department. just like opd, the country needs change and people must work together to accomplish that. >> everyone is not going to agree on everyone's tactic. but it's going to take everyone working together or working in their own lanes alongside one another until our communities are effectively free. >> reporter: reporting in oakland, kron 4 news. >> after three days of marchs and protests in the bay area, things took a softer tone today in san francisco. today the gathering at city hall brought people of different faiths together. kron 4 spencer blake has more on today's rally. ♪[music] >> reporter: songs of the spirit rang from the steps of city hall this afternoon. >> this rally is about praying. we're here to pray for our community and our leaders. >> reporter: the san francisco
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inner faith council spread the invitation to 800 congregations it represents. >> we feel a moral obligation to bring people together. >> reporter: it spread across different religions. the church hosted a ramadan dinner for their muslim friends recently. >> we are a community. no matter what your faith and background is. living together is an art. >> we heeded the call that we hope that all californians are heeding this weekend to preach about it, cry and after we're done crying, to come together and talk about what we need to do together. >> reporter: speakers ranged from rabbis to pastors. one man shared his story that makes the killings this week even more poignant. >> my father was killed by police officers. >> reporter: after the closing prayer, some people went on a fairly quiet walk around city
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hall with their posters. one man who was part of black lives matter protests on friday says this event was different. >> the rally friday, it seemed like a get-together. it seemed like a social gathering to be honest with you. this rally was a bit more intimate and a bit more powerful and serious. >> this has been culminating all week and all month, all year since ferguson. today i think the band-aid came off and i got in touch with my feelings a little more. >> reporter: feelings that they shall overcome. >> that was spencer blake reporting. the inner faith council will have another peace rally on september 11th unless they are prompted to meet sooner than that. president obama will be in dallas on tuesday and delivery marks at an inner faith memorial service. this is video from earlier today when he addressed troops
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stationed in spain. he cut his visit to spain short by a day and has spoken daily during the trip about the attacks. including this statement today on stopping police violence. >> the best way to do that is bring allies aboard. that includes by the way police departments that are doing the right thing like dallas, which has implemented the very reforms that black lives matter is seeking. that's why it's so tragic that those officers were targeted. >> the white house says the president is making the trip to dallas this week at the invitation of dallas mayor mike rawlings. another night of intense sometimes violent protests against the police. this is video of protesters taking to the streets in atlanta, georgia. at least 198 people have been arrested nationwide since friday. and a dramatic black lives matter protest in memphis, tennessee. hundreds of protesters shut
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down the i-40 bridge earlier in the day. traffic was stopped for hours. and dallas continues to mourn tonight during all of the protests. >> diane gallagher is in dallas with the latest on recovery efforts there. >> i cried. >> reporter: mourning in america. >> i just don't understand why someone could do this. >> reporter: in dallas, two police cars at dpd headquarters covered in cards, flowers as a memorial. when a sniper turned an otherwise peaceful protest into the single deadliest day for law enforcement since 9/11. before being killed by a bomb robot, micah johnson told investigators that he was angry over the killings of black men by police over the country and
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was targeting white police officers. >> we believe the deaths in minnesota and louisiana just sparked his delusion to fast track his plans. >> reporter: the protests continue. more than 250 people arrested across the country saturday night. 125 of those in baton rouge where bystander video captured police shooting down alton sterling tuesday. st. paul a world watched philando castile dying after being stopped by an officer. leaving many wondering what can heal this growing divide between the police and the communities they protect. >> sometimes things get worse before they get better. >> reporter: in dallas, i'm diane gallagher. >> one of the five officers killed thursday in texas by a sniper had deep ties to california. senior corporal ahrens was once with the los angeles sheriff's department. he has worked in the l.a.
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county sheriff's department from '91 to 2002, serving as a dispatcher in the lancaster station. former colleagues say he moved to dallas to pursue his dream of becoming an officer. he leaves behind a wife who is also a police officer and two young children. >> he's a big guy with a bigger heart. >> he is someone that always truly loved law enforcement. he wanted to be a police man. >> many say the california native was, quote, a big loveable teddy bear who will be missed. coming up tonight on the kron 4 news at 10:00, hundreds of sharks found dead on alabama beaches. what we're learning about why they might be there. and the latest on those wildfires in colorado. we now know who started the fire. they are behind bars tonight. and hear from the people who ran to the rescue of the father and daughter in this frightening plane crash.
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>> in tonight's follow-up file the mayor of hercules is expressing his concern that the state will not come through with money to help stop shootings on i-80 and highway 4. the mayor told kron 4 news today that last week the department of transportation said it would have a task force
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put together how much the high resolution cameras, shot spotter cameras and license plate readers would cost. since then the mayor says he has not heard anything. he is now worried that the funding will not come through. since october 2015, there have been 20 shootings on friday in east contra costa county. >> mounting pressure after a fatal crash involving one of tesla's self-driving cars. the ceo is working on a plan. he announced on twitter that he is working on a top secret tesla master plan, that's what he call it's. he plans on releasing the details later this week. this comes as federal officials are investigating a crash that killed a man in florida. the auto pilot system didn't see a tractor turning and did not activate the brakes. just last week tesla announced shipments have dropped in the last three months. check out this video of a plane crashing into a lake in florida. on board, a father and his 9-
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year-old daughter. the father and daughter are recovering tonight. matt grant spoke to the people who ran to their rescue. >> holy [censor] >> reporter: new video of the plane crash showing the single engine plane landing in a lake. on board, the 49-year-old pilot and his 9-year-old daughter. both somehow survived. >> did this really just happen? >> reporter: the video was taken by two fisher men who immediately called 911 and rushed to help. >> we got them out of the water. i got the girl. he got the dad. the girl had super bad trauma on her head and the dad had pretty bad back pain. >> she was 9 years old. when we pulled her out, she was crying. from orlando executive airport. it's unknown where they were headed when they crashed. ten minutes west of orlando around 6:00 p.m. >> i'm losing power. i may have to ditch. >> reporter: shortly before
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impact, the pilot radioed that he was having engine problems and reassures his daughter that everything will be okay. >> large lake beneath me. oh, my gosh. touchdown going to be okay, babe. >> the f.a.a. says the pilot and his daughter were both hospitalized but there's no word on their conditions. the agency says federal investigators are now going to look into the cause of the crash. well, two campers from alabama have been arrested for starting a 500 acre fire in colorado. a 28-year-old man and a 26-year- old have been booked into the boulder county jail. officers say the men were camming in the area and did not properly put a small campfire out. flames broke out yesterday and more than 2,000 people have been evacuated. so far nearly 600 acres have been consumed from the flames, including many homes. fire officials say they are now using planes to put the fire out. >> i can't say enough about the local resources and the efforts
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that went into this. there was some very heroic work done to get people out of the way of this fire, to save as much property as we could. >> the fire is 0 percent contained. over 2,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. a brush fire burning in california, santa clarita valley has born to 1,000 acres. the los angeles sheriff's department says the sage fire started yesterday afternoon. the cause is unknown tonight. hundreds of firefighters are battling the fire by ground and by air. at last check, it was 20% contained. the national weather service is warning that gusty winds and low humidity could create critical fire weather conditions. meteorologist lawrence joins us. we talk about the fire conditions here. we can be thankful that we're not seeing that like we were a couple weeks ago. >> that's the thing that we always worry about. southern california of course, the el nino was supposed to
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bring them a lot of rain. that didn't have. they have severe drought conditions down there and fires continuing. tonight, mostly clear skies outside. looking like a gorgeous night in the bay area. clear out over the bay right now. one concern, the winds have been whipping around but they are calming down a little bit. for tonight, mostly clear overnight tonight. even along the coastline. mae a patch or two of fog. not much. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. but the fog is a little different heading into the middle of the day and the afternoon gathering along the coastline. the week ahead is mostly sunny. we're warming up as we head to the middle of the week. talking about the winds. whipping good this afternoon. 25, 30 miles per hour. even a 40 miles per hour gust along the north coast there. starting to calm down a little bit in spots. breezy in san francisco at 15 miles per hour. tomorrow, you will see sunshine in san francisco. the temperature in the mid-60s. i think we will watch the numbers spike by the middle of the day and cool down with fog
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moving in. oakland, mid-70s. mid-80s in towards san jose and sunny skies all day long. nice and clear out there right now as high pressure in control. it looks like the computer model is keeping us mostly clear overnight too. tomorrow morning, you wake up and head out to work. clear to start. as we head through the morning, watch what happens. the clouds gather along the coastline and cool down the temperatures out towards the beaches but mostly clear in the valley. looking at 65 in san francisco tomorrow. 61 in daly city. 75 over the hill in palo alto. and 73 in san mateo. 75 in redwood city. and the south bay, 84 in san jose. 81 in santa clara. east bay temperatures warming up in the 80s. it's going to start to get hot there the next couple of days. expect 90s toward the middle of the week. in the north bay, the temperatures are going to be looking at numbers running up in the 70s and also the 80s. further inland, about 84
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degrees in the napa valley. about 80 in vallejo. next couple days, warmer weather on the way. hot inland. more fog expected out along the coast. >> thank you. on the east bay, expect major delays on bart this week. one of the lines will be closed for maintenance projects. the projects are scheduled for tuesday and wednesday and may extend into thursday. according to bart officials, one track will remain open but the time in between each car will take 18 minutes instead of the usual 5 or 6 minutes. in alabama, there is a mystery tonight as to why there are dozens of dead sharks scattered on different beaches. this weekend, over 100 carcasses were discovered on different beaches across the state. it's believed that the sharks got caught in fishing nets and then died. and in an attempt to hide the smell, the fishermen tried to bury the sharks but there were just too many. >> kept smelling this awful
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smell. every time that a gust of wind would come. >> it caught our attention because we knew that was illegal. we don't know what to do about it. >> despite the fishing nets, investigators do not know how the sharks died and how they got on the beaches so there is an investigation going on right now. coming up, we will tell you why the upcoming freshman class at uc berkeley will look a lot different than in years past. after the break, a car drives off an overpass and crashes into cars below. find out what happened to all of the people.
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>> two people walked away with only minor injuries after a horrific crash wreck in boston. the incident happened yesterday. police say a speeding driver slammed his car through an overpass guardrail, fell, and
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then crashed on to a truck below. you see that car there. then the guardrail and fencing broke free, dropping on to a third car. the two people in that car were not hurt and walked away from the accident. the truck's driver said he saw the car hurling towards him from above and was able to slow down. he said he helped the driver out of the car. both men thankfully taken to the hospital. in indiana an amtrak train crashed into a car. the car fail today stop at a railroad crossing sign yesterday. the driver was a woman in her 20s. she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. her 3-year-old child who was also in the car also went to the hospital. the train was carrying 130 passengers to chicago. no one on the train was injured. back here in the bay area, uc berkeley has accepted more freshman students from california this year compared to the year before. university officials say they received more funds from the state allowing them to accept
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more people. this is an effort by the uc system to have more california students across all ten campuses. 82,000 people applied to uc berkeley's freshman class. only 14,000 got in. 21% of those students are from california. well, new details tonight in the v.a.'s wait list scandal. billions of dollars being pommed in to fix the health care system over the past two years have not helped much according to a report by congressional commission. in some cases, some of the so- called improvements may have actually made things worse. the new report recommends allowing veterans more private health care options. critics say more needs to be done to completely overall the system. coming up next, a city council woman under fire for a controversial post on facebook. what she said coming up. and kron 4 goes in depth on the dallas police chief, david brown. his personal and professional
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life and why he is no stranger to police shootings. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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change your thinking about buying your next one. >> now back to kron 4 news at 10:00 with jr stone and justin waldman. >> now at 10:30, as the dallas police chief david brown mourns the loss of five of his law enforcement officials, we're learning tonight that he is no stranger to tragedy. >> cnn reporter randy kay goes in depth on chief brown's professional and personal life. >> we're hurting. our profession is hurting. dallas officers are hurting. we are heart broken. >> reporter: dallas police chief david brown heart broken and hurting. he's been here before. back here in 1988 one of the most violent years for police officers in his city, brown
10:31 pm
respond today a shooting. he was only weeks into his assignment with the department officer-involved shooting team. immediately he spotted a familiar pair of sunglasses at the scene and realized that the officer who had been shot was his classmate from the academy, his former partner. brown talked about it later in this police memorial video. >> my best friend, police officer walter williams, was killed in the line of duty. >> reporter: brown's former partner, walter williams, had been ambushed and shot in the head. he died at the hospital. brown told the dallas morning news years ago i really relate to all of those in the line of duty deaths on a much more personal level. you lose a partner, you just never get over it. the pain didn't end there. three years later, in 1991, david brown lost his younger brother to violence when he was killed by drug dealers. this morning, after four of his officers were killed by a
10:32 pm
sniper, chief brown yet again felt the toll of violence. >> all i know is that this -- this must stop. this deviciveness between the police and our citizens. >> reporter: brown has seen tragedy both professionally and personally. in 2010, he lost his son in a shootout with police. at the time brown was just 7 weeks into the top job as chief. his son also named david had suffered a psychotic breakdown before killing a man. when a police officer responded, the chief's son killed the officer too before he was fatally shot more than a dozen times. chief brown released a statement to his officers telling them, that hurts so deeply. i cannot adequately express the sadness i feel inside my heart. chief brown is a 30-year veteran of the dallas police department, known for being a loner, he also a representation
10:33 pm
for being intense. brown reportedly had plans to go to law school and become a prosecutor but police work changed all of that. in a column that the chief wrote back in 2014 after michael brown was killed by a white ferguson police officer, he said he was reminded of his first interview at the academy when he was asked why he wanted to become a police officer. his response, he wrote, i want to help people, sir. i want to serve my community. i want to make a difference. randy kay, cnn, new york. >> authorities are trying to get a better idea of the man responsible for fatally shooting five dallas police officers. micah johnson served six years in the military. johnson did a tour in afghanistan. he was accused of sexual harassment which cut his tour short. he left in april of last year and return today dallas. when authorities searched johnson's home, they found a journal describing his combat
10:34 pm
tactics. investigators say johnson had military-like moves and expressed a hatred towards white people. >> the suspect said he was upset about black lives matter. he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. the suspect said he was upset at white people. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. >> investigators are looking at johnson's family life as well. his parents were divorced. he was getting paid to take care of his autistic brother. they are trying to find a common link that would have led him to these deadly shootings. a california city council woman is standing behind her controversial facebook post about police across the country. in her post, nevada city council woman blames police behavior in the united states for the mass shootings in dallas. many police in her city feel that the post labels all police
10:35 pm
as dishonest, calling it an inflammatory statement leading the police force to take a vote of no confidence asking for her resignation. >> the lives of police officers lost is a tragedy. it's not mutually exclusive to the fact that we have high standards for our police force. we have lost a lost the high standards and we want them back. >> i don't know how to say we appreciate the support from the community we get. that is why it is hurtful for somebody that the community trusted to come here and make decisions for the city and for this community to say the things that have been said. >> there's no word yet tonight if the councilwoman will resign. >> here to lighten us up a little bit is lawrence. >> really. >> the weather is something thankfully that we have to make us smile. >> yeah. and there's a lot to smile about today. it was just one of those gorgeous days. we had fog early on. by the afternoon we cleared it out. lots of sunshine all the way to
10:36 pm
the coastline looking good. and it looks like it will stay that way tonight. overlooking sfo. clear skies. the winds have been kicking up from time to time. they're settling down just a little bit outside. as you wake up tomorrow morning, a lot of sunshine around the bay area. temperatures in the 50s from the coastline to the valleys. as we head towards 10:00, we may see a couple of patches of fog along the coastline. numbers in the 60s and 70s inland. towards 1:00, it looks like the temperatures popping up in a hurry. 80s in the valleys. here is a look at some of the other numbers around the bay area. 81 in mountain view. about 79 in hayward. 74 in oakland. and 65 in san francisco. we will have more on weather coming up in a couple minutes. in tonight's news check, police say a san francisco woman died during a rafting accident on the american river. the woman has been identified as a 32-year-old elaine mahl.
10:37 pm
it happened yesterday around 4:00 in the afternoon near the community of kibers. after an hour of searching the 23-mile river, authorities located the female victim submerged in a section of heavy rapids. the woman was taken from the river and pronounced dead. police have not determined if she was wearing a life jacket. a local nonprofit is hosting its 22nd annual concert for a good cause. >> it's all to honor the life of a bay area teenager that was murdered. the general lynn foundation is hosting the concert at the end of the month. it will be held in hayward. the foundation was founded in 1994 after its name sake. jenny lynn was murdered. every summer the organization hosts a six-week music program just for bay area musicians. still ahead on the kron 4 news at 10:00, a music legend is returning to the bay area. find out when diana ross will
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be performing. why sharing your password on netflix could end up getting you in trouble. ♪ ♪
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>> well, attention netflix binge watchers. sharing your account's password is now a federal crime. federal court in california ruled on tuesday that sharing your password for popular streaming platforms like netflix and hulu and hbo go is a violation of the computer fraud abuse act. it comes as the united states versus david nozel case where he left his job but continued to use the password of a person still at the firm to download information for his new job. the ruling is not directly linked to netflix accounts but the verdict is more about, quote, authorization. gas prices have dropped nationwide but the bay area the most expensive place to fill up your tank. the average price of gas here
10:41 pm
is $2.90 a gallon. industry analysts say the drop in gas price come from low oil prices and a low supply of gasoline. the expert says that prices are down 54 cents compared to this time last year. charleston, south carolina has the lowest price in the country, coming in at, get this, $1.91 a gallon. after mosquitoes with the west nile virus were found, officials in the santa clara vector control district have scheduled fogging in week in san jose. west nile causes flu like symptoms that can be fatal. the virus cannot be transmitted from person to person. the spraying is scheduled for this wednesday night into early thursday morning weather mitting. the weather to be fogged is at elliot in san jose. well, lots more to come. we're talking sports after the
10:42 pm
break. mad soon baumgarten was on the mound and he was red hot as he went for a no-hitter. we will tell you what happened after the break. we will take a quick live look at san francisco city hall lit up tonight in red, white and blue.
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>> time now for kron 4 sports. >> discuss with teen, when it comes to sports, we were all hooked on the tvs tonight. >> why is that. >> let's get into it. >> the giants in the last game before the all-star game. the giants trying to bring out the brooms for a three-game sweep over the diamond backs. buster posey hits an rbi single. it was the mad bum show.
10:45 pm
with the strike-out. that's his tenth strike-out of the game at that point. he was good through 8. we go top of the 8. mad bum trying to get a no-hitter here. that no hitter is broken up by jake. hits a single to right breaking that mad bum no-hitter. but he got a standing ovation. they were proud of the effort. one hit, 14 strike-outs. one of his best career games. the giants win this and sweep arizona. on to the oakland a's. wrapping up the first half of the regular season versus the astros on the road. these young a's fans, that's a good time having the cotton candy out there. yeah. you see who is on the mound. the man known as the on the hill. johnson on the hill. he threw six strike-outs five hits. we go to the top of the 6th. he would get a base hit down
10:46 pm
the left field line. that would put the a's up 1-0. astros tied it up in the bottom of the 9th though. and this is the 10th inning. carlos carrera wins the game for the astros. that's a walk-off hit. throwing error. the a's have won just three out of their last 11 games. 38-51 on the season. wimbledon men's final. the man trying to take it from him. let's head to center court. murray first two sets. yeah. he took him. straight to the third one. it's a tie-breaker. took control. he is going to get it on this one. he claims his second wimbledon title. his third grand slam victory. okay. we go on to soccer. euro soccer final portugal versus france. scary moment for all of the
10:47 pm
fans. renaldo goes down with a left knee injury. he would fight through the pain. 4th minute. you saw him come off the stretcher. then you see a goal right there. that's portugal. they take it 1-0. all eyes on the world were on that baby overseas. okay. we go on to women's u.s. open. here in the bay area, this was down in the south bay. final round. it was a 3-hole playoff that was going. but there was a two-stroke penalty on anna norquist. her club touched the bunker before the shot. brittany lange wins that. the first major of her career. we watched the golf and the tennis. i'm excited over that mad bum game. >> you can feel it. >> i think you're excited any time that you have a good baseball game and you have good weather to go with it. >> absolutely.
10:48 pm
>> is the nice weather going to continue through the week? that's my question. >> it will be spotty. you get away from the coastline and you will be okay. the fog will gather as early as tomorrow afternoon. let's enjoy the movement. >> live in the now. >> yeah. >> it's going to be a rather quick one. outside right now, mostly clear skies. we have a hurricane brewing out in the pacific. this is cecilia. watch it happen sliding on by. it is a arts to organize itself. we're getting to the time of year that the water is warm enough to support the storm systems. sustained winds of 80 miles per hour moving into the west at 13 miles per hour. it will continue to wander through the pacific towards the hawaiian islands. but before gathering too much strength, it will start to fall apart on friday, becoming a tropical storm by then. in the meantime, here is the bay area, we're enjoying the nice clear skies out there right now. really looking good. all the way to coastline it's nice and clear right now. and breezy outside. we've had some of the gusts to 40 miles per hour this afternoon along the coast.
10:49 pm
even some of the winds starting to subside. tomorrow sunny and warmer. a warming trend continues throughout the week except along the coastline. the fog will be moving in. temperatures 61 in san francisco right now. 65 in san jose. 67 in livermore. and 67 also in santa rosa. those winds have been kicking up. still 15 miles per hour in san francisco. calm now in novato and oakland. just a light breeze in san jose at 8 miles per hour. nonetheless overnight skies will stay mostly clear outside. in fact, computer models keep it nice and clear. as we head to the middle of the morning, you start to see the fog gather off of the coastline. it begins to move on shore, some of it moving into san francisco as we head to the latter part of the morning as well. it looks like temperatures in san jose by the afternoon under sunny skies all day long. spike into the 80s towards the early afternoon. san francisco, well, you're going to see sunshine in the morning. by the afternoon, partly cloudy and a bit on the breezy side as
10:50 pm
the fog moves back on shore. into oakland, plenty of sunshine throughout the day. warm and breezy toward the afternoon. temperatures very nice. into the mid-70s i think by the afternoon as well. 84 expected in the napa valley. about 86 in santa rosa. about 81 in mountain view. and 89 in concord. as we look out over the next few days, hot in spots. those temperatures moving up to the low 90s in some of the warmest anterior valleys and wednesday, thursday and fray. after that, temperatures start to cool down next weekend. along the coastline, fog and clouds. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. that's the latest forecast. back to you. >> thank you so much. the secret life of pets opened in theaters this weekend. did it have the legs to outswim "finding dory." >> from our partners at cnn, we have the box office breakdown. >> i like your politics.
10:51 pm
>> reporter: universal the purge election year fell two places to finish fifth with $11.7 million. >> i want you to bring a date to your sister's wedding. don't show up stag. >> reporter: it did better than predicted, good enough for fourth place. "finding dory" landed in third with 20.4 million, bringing the domestic total to $422.6 million, making dory the highest grossing film this year. the legend of tarzan came in add second with $20.6 million weekend. >> i'm max and i'm the luckiest dog in new york because of her. >> every dog has its day along with cats, fish and other animals of the secret life of pets. industry analysts were predicted the animated adventure would open above $70 million. but pets went off the leash to bring home a massive $103.2 million first place opening. the film only cost a reported
10:52 pm
70 million to produce, putting it in profitable territory in a single weekend. so much more ahead on the kron 4 news at 10:00. before we head to kron 4 news at 11:00.
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>> music legend diana ross is coming back to the bay area. >> she will be performing this week in san francisco and san rafael. the music legend will play tuesday at 8:00 p.m. and at the marine center on wednesday, july 13th at 8:00. >> if you want to go, tickets range from $66 to $300 and they're selling out pretty fast. and you can purchase tickets on the marin county website or at the theater itself. and even easier for you, why
10:56 pm
don't you just go to we have a link there to help you out. >> 72 years old, discuss with teen and still performing. >> rock thanksgiving out. she looks great. sounds great too. >> if you have $300, i would say it would be worth it. >> or $600. you could take two people. >> you could go to the ball game for that too. coming unon the kron 4 news at 11:00, we know who qualified for the u.s. olympics gymnastic team. we take a look at the five girls month made the team after -- girls who made the team after the break.
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>> well, they are headed to rio. we know the five young women who qualified for the u.s. olympics gymnastic team. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 11:00. >> it was after an intense competition tonight right here in the bay area. kron 4 is at the sap center in san jose with results and fan
11:00 pm
reactions. >> reporter: thousands of fans came out to san jose in support of the young women who competed to represent the united states in this year's olympics. out of 14 gymnasts, only five were chosen. biles, hernandez, gabby douglas and kocian. fans were not surprised by the selection. >> not at all. strong usa team. >> gabby and simone, they're like my people so it's great. >> reporter: others may not agree on all of them but think that the fierce five have what it takes to bring home the gold. >> a little bit but i'm still excited. the girls are strong. >> reporter: this is the second consecutive time that san jose hosted the event, drawing tourists from across the nation, boosting the local economy. >> hosting an event like this is special for the community. there's only one olympic trials


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